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Kalinga Ashram has come into existence in the year of 1999. The natural devastation called 'Super Cyclon' in this year had collapsed the life and lifelines i.e. communication, electricity, livelihoods especially falling of age old fruit trees in the Kankia panchayat of Ganjam district. The only Tribal GP of district once again felt to be orphaned by the Nature. No one was there to put their hands for enlistment.

The renowned social worker Sri Ramesh Panda visited the panchayat with his team and felt that it should be reconstructed with a vision and outlined by the study of devastation. Kalinga Ashram has set up with the purpose to assist the enlistment of the down trodden, orphan section of the tribal society and to preserve the ancient culture of tribal. It has started its concrete efforts for the local development and rehabilitation of these native dwellers.

Kalinga Ashram, by nature a secular, social, welfare motive Non-governmental organisation having voluntary inspiration works for weaker sections of ruralites & tribal. It has been carrying its works forward for a sustainable development by upgrading their knowledge and skills that directly affects standard of life.

It visualizes itself as an organization which over next decade will enable to marginalize rural groups, women, land less poor peasants and un-employed youth achieve enhanced socio economic status in the society. Kalinga Ashram has been assisting these sections and improved resource base in their own geographical areas, so that the acquired knowledge and skills can be used to improve their quality of life. Thus the Ashram original focus on tribal/rural people that continue based on the sound principles of sustainable development.

The Ashram has a vision to venture the most vital aspect of the cultural affairs relating to the rural folk in its jurisdiction by establishing a tribal local museum, traditional Art & Craft, Bhagabat Tungies. It has also aims and objects of this programme are that by displaying various artisans in the museum the local people will be more attracted in the field of acquiring profound knowledge and culture. To glorify the local history of Kalinga kingdom Ashram keep itself ready to publish a magazine highlighting the qualities of our past ancestors. It successfully runs an orphan/tribal free Residential School recognized by D.I. of Schools, Education Department Govt. of Orissa, Register under Board of Home, Bhubaneswar.

The Kalinga Ashram is registered under Society Registration Act No. 7640-92 / 2007 and benefited under Sec 80(G) for the IT exemption for its donation. Income Tax (IT) Reg. No. -ITO(Tech) 80-G-88/11-12/10340-42-Date-03.02.2012.PAN no.-AAATK9182B,TANno.-BBNK01230F